NVIWODA equips its target group of women farmers, members and girls in information and communication technologies to bridge the gap caused by the COVID – 19 Pandemic, the aim of the skilling is to improve the capacities of women/girls to enable them effectively utilize mobile phones, improve communication and their livelihoods .As a result of Women of Uganda Network support to NVIWODA , the organisation continues to empower more women.

In empowering the rural women group networks in digital training enhances communication. NVIWODA reaches out to its beneficiaries in a timely manner and effectively improve communication among the stakeholders.  A number of social media tools are introduced to women; however, women adopted most, the use of Whats app.

Women farmers regularly communicate, document their activities and are able to share with others. For example, NVIWODA trained the farmers in mushroom growing, and during implementation they faced the challenge of the seed not germinating and swiftly communicated through the whats app group and sent pictures of the project. Through discussions on the group the problem was easily rectified.  Janat testified that she was able to market children’s clothes through the whats business App. Questions from the women regarding the agriculture are easily answered by NVIWODA through the group and success stories shared for others to learn.  

Farmers say the group platform is useful to them as it is a source of collectiveness and information access. However, Women say they face challenges in accessing and participation in zoom meetings due to network challenges in rural area and data is expensive.

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