NVIWODA works with Community Based Women Group (CBOS) and currently we are operating in Gomba District on food Security Project.

Under various projects NVIWODA has reached out to a wider community of women at the grassroots and worked with the following women group members:

  • South Mawokota Development Activist – Mpigi District
  • Reach Out to the Wives of the Soldiers (RWOSA) – Luweero District
  • Ibanda Catholic women Guild – Ibanda District
  • Nezikokolima Women’s Group – Gomba District
  • Women and Youth Nutrition Farmer's Group- Luweero District
  • Rurama Women Farming & Handcraft Society – Kabarole District
  • St. Bruno Doll Making Group – Kampala District
  • Kabowa Women Cooperative Savings & Credit Society – Kampala District
  • Nyange Tailoring Institute – Wakiso District
  • God is Able Disability Development Association- Kampala District
  • Rwenzori Concern Women's Association(RWECOWA) – Kasese District
  • Kabaawo Mutundwe Cooperative Savings & Credit Society Limited -Kampala District
  • Barobopo Women's Group – Apac District
  • Luweero Women's Development Association (LUWODA) – Luweero District
  • Bukana Rural Development Association – Kasese District
  • Kabarole Intergrated Women's Effort in Development – Kabarole
  • Mpigi Rural Women's Network Afaayo- Mpigi District