Women and ICTs

The world is owned by 70% poor women and most of them in rural areas . Given that situation under which they live they are behind development. Majority of them are of low educational background in the age of technological advancement, women shun away from Information and Communications Technology (ICT’s), and have been left backward, human capacity skills development still remains the only avenue to empower women in Uganda and this is the core task of Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA)To address this problem, the organization has special intervention to empower grassroots women, through workshops and awareness seminars, in order to ease use and application of Information and Communication Technology.

A friendly approach is applied to enable them adopt and apply ICT’s in their daily lives. Using a lap top and a modem NVIWODA reaches out to women in their localities, equipping women with Communication skills for development. i.e. Application of social media 2.0, Skype, Facebook, SMS sites, tweeter, word press, flicker are some of the knowledge offered in consideration to their geographical Location of Internet access.

Motivating women to adopt effective use and application of cell phone is an important knowledge that enables women farmer’s access market prices for their produce and financial services. It and improves their communication environment.

To interact with these tools, women’s Self Confidence and self-esteem need to be built. Applications of multimedia tools make the training interesting and give participants an opportunity to learn visual, textual and Audio Media. To enhance the women advancement, application and use of technology is the way forward.