Soils are an important resource in addressing food security.  Most soils are exhausted due to over use yet fertilizer use is at only 2% in Uganda and most times a hazard due to salty residues in the soils.

Ntulume Village Women Development Association (NVIWODA) has engaged women groups in Kabulasoke sub county Sub County in Gomba district to improve the livelihoods of the family.

The first approach was with Nezikokolima Womens Group in Butiti Parish – Kabulasoke Sub County, Gomba district.

Under the food security intervention, NVIWODA trained women sustainable land use management and use of available resources to replenish the soil using leaves to make plant tea.

Juliet Nankabirwa one of the beneficiaries of the training and a member of Nezikokolima Womens Group makes fertilizers out of plant leaves which she uses to replenish the soil. 

Nankabirwa collects 11 leaf species that have a hairy rough surface including: Nappier grass, pumpkin leaves, Tithonia.  She ferments them for 21 days until they decompose.  

Nankabirwa applies the plant tea to Bananas, coffee, and Vegetables.  They look healthy because of the organic plant tea fertilizer. 

This is the first step of addressing food insecurity in the home.

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